Numerate adventures, with a focus on GNU Octave

Octave in 2016 Google Summer of Code

We’re in GSoC this year, for our second time as an independent organization!

Student applications for the paid summer internships are due 25 March.

Check out the Wiki for potential projects and application instructions.


Octave in ESA Summer of Code

Octave has been selected as a mentor organization for the European Space Agency‘s Summer of Code in Space!

This is our third year in SOCIS. See Roberto Porc├╣’s blog for the work from last year.

If you are an eligible student and interested in applying, check out our Ideas page. May 15 is the student application deadline.

Apply to work on Octave for GSoC!

Our Google Summer of Code project ideas got some promotion at Universiteit Gent (Belgium) this week.

Student applications to Google open on the 10th. The 21st is the application deadline. If you’re interested in applying to work on Octave, see here first.

GSoC mentoring

Octave has been accepted into Google Summer of Code, for our first time as an independent organization! Student applications are due March 21, and decisions about accepting students will be made in early April.

To make GSoC a success, we need not only strong student programmers but also committed mentors to supervise the students and work with them to have contributions be useful for Octave. This can be tough to achieve because mentors are unpaid (though Google may send you a nifty T-shirt).

Each project should have a primary mentor and a backup mentor. In my experience, primary mentors should plan to devote 5-10 hours per week to the project, including speaking with the students and reviewing their code. Backup mentors have a smaller time commitment but still should keep up with project progress and be available to step in when the primary mentor is otherwise occupied.

If you’d like to be a project mentor:

1) Go to the wiki projects page and put your name next to projects you’d be interested in mentoring. Feel free to improve the project description at the same time.

2) Sign up as a mentor for Octave on the GSoC Melange site.

3) Start interacting with student applicants who have similar topics of interest.